An All Purpose Script for Every Knicks Crunch Time Play

April 4, 2014

sadknicksIn order to save everyone the trouble of having to watch the Knicks mangle every single end of game scenario imaginable, I have taken the liberty of writing them down in script form.

Final Defensive Possesion:

“Ok guys just stay in front of him. [Insert dedicated FARTDOG guard of the night] has been killing us, just stop him one time.”

“NO LOOK OUT HE’S [Insert basic screen action or beginner level dribble move] STAY WITH HIM.”

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING [Insert Knick player about to botch his defensive assignment].”


Oh what’s that you say, there is still time left on the clock? Well no worries, because I have here a boiler plate scenario for all your end of game offensive needs as well! Follow it closely and you can impress all your friends by telling them what is going to happen before they even inbound the ball!

Final Offensive Possesion:

“They know the ball is going to Carmelo. Please use him as a decoy or at least set some kind of screen!”

*Ball is in-bounded to non-Carmelo Knick*


*Ball gets to Carmelo in the high post*

“DAMN. Ok. Carmelo is a great player who is tough to guard. We have tons of time. Take him off the dribble Melo! Or even back him down! Or maybe we could even get fancy and have Tyson come set a pick for him! OOOOOHHHHH. Lots of time to figure this out. SO MANY OPTIONS!”

*Carmelo dribbles five feet behind the arc for 3/4 of the remaining time*


*Carmelo dribbles and hoists up a 22 footer. It does not go in*

You’re welcome Knicks fans. I have just saved you endless torment and frustration.



Knicks are now a game back of the Hawks. They take on Miami sunday. They’ll probably win by 20 because Knicks.

Herring Sheds Light on Jackson’s Philosphies

April 3, 2014

Chris Herring, who covers the Knicks for the Wall Street Journal got a chance to ask Phil Jackson some pertinent questions during a media session today. Phil had some interesting answers regarding his plans for the Knicks roster as well as the role the CAA will play in team decisions moving forward.

Here are the most interesting and relevant questions from Herring via his Twitter feed:

So it sounds like the CAA reign in the Garden has come to an end, and Phil will be pushing for a coach who is capable of installing some version of the triangle. Presumably that makes Kerr the front runner which is perfect as far as I’m concerned. The Shumpert quote is encouraging and presumably indicates that Phil plans to keep Shump on the roster moving forward. For now it seems that things are looking up in Knicks land, and the Zen Master’s openness with the media is hopefully an indication of the start of a new era.

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